Rockford Writers’ Guild Summertime “DETOURS” Poetry Contest

Rockford Writers’ Guild Summertime “DETOURS” Poetry Contest is accepting poetry submissions from Rockford Writers’ Guild Members. There is no fee to enter, but contestants must be members of RWG. This summertime poetry contest takes place Memorial Day Weekend-Labor Day Weekend.

Winners will be honored at the September 16, 2012 meeting with cash prizes (total up to $100) and will have the opportunity to read their winning poetry. (Out-of-town winners will be mailed their checks.)

Here are the rules:

Original, previously unpublished poems must be 50 lines or less.

Poems must incorporate, interpret or somehow express the theme DETOURS. 

Send electronic submissions (up to three poems per member) to Connie Kuntz at editor@rockfordwritersguild.com 

Snail Mail submissions may be mailed to:

Rockford Writers’ Guild
PO Box 858
Rockford IL 61105
Provide a SASE or email address for contest results. 

The contest is open now until Labor Day Weekend. Contestants will be notified by September 15, 2012 with the status of their submissions if they provide an email address or SASE with their submissions.





rwg@rockfordwritersguild.com ●The Rockford Writers' Guild P.O. Box 858 Rockford, Illinois 61105

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