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Rockford Writers' Guild is an international non-profit organization committed to promoting the literary arts. It has been around for 68 years and has had hundreds of members from all over the world.

Members are published in the summer-fall "members only" edition of   The Rockford Review - an international anthology comprised of poetry, prose, and book reviews. Prose includes memoirs, plays, lyrics, and much more.

Members receive a monthly e-newsletter. It contains valuable information about the current writing market, publicity for members, writing contests, writing tips, and other resources for writers. Members are also part of an email network that provides members with information relevant to monthly meetings, annual gala, writing contests, special events and marketing. Every third Sunday of the month (except July and August) Rockford Writers' Guild hosts monthly meetings. Each month, a new guest speaker shares his or her experiences and stories.

All members and guests are encouraged to share their accomplishments and challenges at the meeting. Everyone contributes with helpful information and insights. These meetings also feature a potluck, and are free and open to the public.

RWG sponsors the following contests: RWG Press & Book Contest, and 4 Seasonal Poetry and Prose Writing Contests .

There are also competitive open mics at the December and April monthly meetings as well as at the Annual Gala in July.

To become a member of Rockford Writers' Guild and receive full benefits, please visit the Membership section. Membership benefits include:

-subscription to The Rockford Review (Summer and Winter Editions);
-dynamic participation in monthly meetings;
-group support;
-interaction with great writers;
-eligibility for the RWG Press & Book Contest; 
-publishing support and book production discounts;
-a variety of writing contests and open mics throughout the year;
-subscription to the monthly Write Away e- newsletters;
-guarantee of getting published in the summer-fall Members Only edition of The Rockford Review.


Seasonal Contests Now Open!

rwg@rockfordwritersguild.com The Rockford Writers' Guild P.O. Box 858 Rockford, Illinois 61105